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Our integrated support packages for selling on Amazon in Japan make it easy to access Japan’s massive online marketplace.

30,000,000+ unique visitors to mobile site per month

17,000,000+ unique visitors to PC site per month

To sell successfully on amazonjapanlogo you’ll need:

Legal & customs set-up: Allowing import your stock into Japan
Quality listings in Japanese: Optimized for both search and buyer conversion
Ethical campaigns: To generate an initial body of product reviews
Japanese marketing: Localized online content, PPC campaigns, buzz
Bespoke customer care: In Japanese to maintain customer satisfaction
Reporting and day-to-day account management with Amazon Japan

eBiz Japan offers a range of support packages to match your business…
right up to being your virtual department for ecommerce in Japan, handling all the above

To learn more on how we can help you to sell in Japan, send us a message below.